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leticia perez

The Soul Care Coach
Image by Jose Murillo


Soul Care 
Our soul consists of our mind, will and emotions. Caring enough to nurture our soul is a vital component to living out our life with purpose.
Inner Healing 
Negative life-changing events, whether brought about by our own choosing or by someone else’s choice, the impact to our soul is stifling.  Freedom is experienced when individuals position themselves to receive healing of the soul.
Small Groups
Many times I've seen how healing comes in community. Our small group coaching approach brings individuals who are heading the same direction (towards health) together to learn, heal, grow and bloom together.
Learning is very important to the healing process. Our workshops will open your eyes to a greater understanding of why we do what we do and position you to do the work to create the change you desire.
Soul Care Retreats will challenge and refresh you. They are just what we need on our journey to spiritual, emotional, intellectual health.
Group Intensives 
Our Inner Healing Workshop Intensive wknds go deep to discover the roots to lifelong issues/challenges and take us on a journey to FREEDOM.

To understand what soul care is, we need to first look at what our soul is.  Though the soul is not visible it is a vital part of our being. Our mind, will and emotions are all part of what makes us unique.

When our soul is healthy we are able to dream and live out what we are created to be, using our talents and giftedness.  Sadly, for too many, life’s discouragements can lead to a life of complacency, hence, the feeling of being stuck.   

At Soul Care our focus is to search out the root causes that hinder us and keep us in that place of feeling stuck.  These are usually found in life changing events of our past. As we discover and work through the events, we gain the freedom to get unstuck and have hope for our future. 

The journey to a healthy soul also involves learning to set and maintain healthy boundaries. This leads to a place of emotional health, which in turn allows us to experience a well-balanced life filled with peace.  


"All progress takes place outside the comfort zone."

-- Michael John Bobak

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There is no better time than now to seek healing from the hurts of the past and move forward to the life you've dreamed of.

Office: 400 Mobil, D Building, #20  Camarillo, CA 93010

Tel: 805-850-3788


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