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Areas of Expertise

Soul Care

To comprehend the essence of soul care, it's essential to delve into the nature of our soul—an invisible yet integral aspect of our being that encompasses our mind, will, and emotions, contributing to our uniqueness.

A flourishing soul enables us to become our true selves, utilizing our inherent gifts and talents to express our internal passions.

Regrettably, many find themselves trapped in life's discouragements, leading to complacency and a pervasive feeling of being stuck.  Often, these causes lie embedded in life-altering events from our past.  These events, whether self-inflicted or imposed by others, become stifling to our soul.  

When an individual intentionally positions themselves to receive healing at the soul level you are ready to seek out the root causes of your pain.

Inner Healing

Negative life-changing events, whether brought about by our own choosing or by someone else’s choice, the impact to our soul is stifling.  Freedom is experienced when individuals position themselves to receive healing of the soul. Inner healing is a journey of releasing pain, renewing hope and reviving dreams. 

The Process

My primary objective is to create a safe and supportive environment to foster positive change in your life.  You will share your story, explore feelings and challenge the unhealthy belief systems. 

This process of self-discovery and active engagement is designed to promote self-awareness and understanding of deep-seated, unhealthy mindsets (the lies we believe about ourselves). Emphasis on recognizing the interconnectedness of thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors helps us in addressing the root causes of unhealthy behaviors. By doing so, we can now begin removing the false beliefs that reinforced the lies we accepted. It allows you to reframe your thoughts and the narrative you share with others. In this newly created space that you will begin to explore and embrace Truth about yourself. 

My Approach
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