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Areas of Expertise

Soul Care

Our soul consists of our mind, will and emotions. Caring enough to nurture our soul is a vital component  to living out our life with purpose.

Inner Healing

Negative life-changing events, whether brought about by our own choosing or by someone else’s choice, the impact to our soul is stifling.  Freedom is experienced when individuals position themselves to receive healing of the soul.

Purpose Coaching

My Approach

At Soul Care we aim to help individuals become aware of and to understand why they choose to do the unhealthy things they do not want to do and also to discover what is keeping them from choosing the healthy things they know they should be doing.  

 Creating a safe atmosphere is paramount in facilitating the individuals to share their story in order to unearth the root of why they are hindered from living a healthy balanced life.  

Through the process, the unhealthy, deep rooted mindsets are brought to light. 


Discovery of the lies that have been driving forces in unwanted behavior are exposed and can now be pulled out.  The space that had been taken up by the lie can now be filled with Truth. Truth that brings FREEDOM.

I will walk alongside you through these moments.  Challenging and encouraging you to pursue that which will lead to health; spiritually, emotionally, intellectual, and physical.

My Approach
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